Ishan Nath is starting a two-year postdoctoral appointment with EPIC in partnership with the Climate Impact Lab and the Becker Friedman Institute after completing his PhD in Economics at the University of Chicago. In graduate school, he has conducted ongoing research on adapting to the impacts of climate change on agriculture and overall economic productivity both in developing countries and within the United States, the effectiveness of clean energy policies, and the effects of trade policy on economic growth. Ishan has worked as a graduate student researcher with the Climate Impact Lab since 2015 and will focus his time as a postdoc on helping the team push forward several ongoing projects to examine the local effects of climate change around the world and estimate the social cost of carbon. Prior to his PhD, Ishan completed a BA in Economics and a BS in Earth Systems from Stanford University and an MPhil in Economics from the University of Oxford, where he studied on a Rhodes scholarship.

Areas of Focus: Climate Change
Climate Change
Climate change is an urgent global challenge. EPIC research is helping to assess its impacts, quantify its costs, and identify an efficient set of policies to reduce emissions and adapt...