A.B. in Economics, Princeton University
M.A. in Computational Social Science, University of Chicago

Faculty Supervisor: Climate Impact Lab, Michael Greenstone

Junho (Jun Ho) Choi is a pre-doctoral fellow for the Climate Impact Lab, working primarily with the coastal impacts team. Before joining the Lab, Choi graduated from the University of Chicago’s Masters in Computational Social Science (MACSS) program, with a concentration in economics. In his MA thesis, Choi conducted an empirical analysis of how recipient-specific information hinders or promotes sponsorship in child sponsorship programs and explored sponsorship organizations’ optimal “inventory” strategies using a simple theoretical model. Choi also holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Princeton University.

“At the Climate Impact Lab and the coastal impacts team, I am learning something new each day, whether in economics, climate science, computer science, or more. There is so much ground to cover, but I am glad to have senior and peer researchers to count on, along with other great EPIC pre-docs. Through regular contributions to on-going projects and diverse learning opportunities at EPIC and the Climate Impact Lab, I am genuinely excited about the prospect of myself developing as a researcher well-versed in various methodologies and techniques in economic and climate science research.”