Lixi Wang is a Pre-Doctoral Research Fellow at EPIC. A fun fact about him is that Lixi did not know that US is the largest gas and oil production country over the world until his interview. Nevertheless, he found himself a new interest in the fossil fuel production, and currently works with Prof. Ryan Kellogg and Prof. Thomas Covert on topics in energy economics focused on the oil and gas industry. Lixi was born and raised in Beijing, China, and prior to joining EPIC, he conducted researches in math department in Brandeis University and earned his B.A. in Economics and Mathematics. Lixi would like to pursue a PhD in Economics in the future.

“I look forward to working on research related to gas and oil production, which is something I have never dealt with previously. Both of my PIs, Thom and Ryan, are really knowledgeable in this industry and they have been extremely patient with my learning curve on this new subject. Working with them helps me shape my future research interest. Current EPIC RAs, staffs and EPIC alumni have been helpful since the day I got admitted to EPIC and they make my transition as smooth as silk. I am also excited for all the learning opportunities like Lunch & Learn, seminars, workshops and graduate classes that EPIC, the Econ Dept and the entire UChicago offer.”