B.A. in Economics and Mathematics, Swarthmore College

Faculty Supervisor: Michael Greenstone

I am originally from Michigan, and was first motivated to engage with environmental issues by the various forms of chemical and industrial water degradation occurring in my home state. At Swarthmore, I was able to use economic tools to study interventions intended to limit water use in drought-prone areas, the political impacts of wildfire exposure, and a variety of other topics that deepened my interest in these areas and gave me a sharper appreciation of their human impacts.

“At EPIC, I have the opportunity to explore the environmental topics that originally attracted me to the discipline and to work to address issues that I care deeply about, all while doing rigorous economics research and honing my skills to prepare for graduate school and beyond. The ability to work with a supportive community of researchers that share my passions and ideals and are working to push the frontier of environmental economics is exactly what I was looking for in a predoc program, and at EPIC, I’ve found it.”