Lisa Friedman is a reporter on The New York Times climate desk, focusing on climate and environmental policy in Washington. She has covered ten international climate talks and chased climate-related stories from the bottom of a Chinese coal mine to the top of snow-capped Himalaya Mountains. She previously worked for Climatewire where she led a team of twelve reporters focused on the business and politics of the changing climate. Before Climatewire, Friedman was the Washington bureau chief for The Oakland Tribune and later The Los Angeles Daily News.

“I’m honored to be named a visiting fellow with EPIC,” says Friedman. “I’m also thrilled to be able to work with EPIC’s top-notch researchers, whose rigorous and thoughtful expertise over the years has been vital to my understanding of climate and energy policies as well as the challenges that countries face as they transition away from fossil fuels. I look forward to continuing to learn from them in the year ahead.”