B.A. in Economics, Tohoku University

Faculty Supervisor: Koichiro Ito

Keisuke Ito is a pre-doctoral fellow at EPIC, working with Koichiro Ito, an associate professor at the Harris School of Public Policy, on research topics ranging from the effects of India’s car tax policy on air pollution, safety, market competition, and welfare to the relationship between ozone monitoring and strategic fuel switching of U.S. Midwest power plants. Ito initially became interested in environmental and energy economics after he experienced the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and power outages caused by the Fukushima nuclear accident. Besides energy and the environment, he has always been interested in the consequences of policy such as tax and social welfare policies for income inequality and equality of opportunity, and statistical tools for analyzing public policy. Ito graduated from Tohoku university with a major in Economics and spent a year abroad at UC Berkeley where he studied machine learning and causal inference in the Statistics department.

“One of the reasons I started studying Economics was because I was deeply impressed by a book written by my PI, Koichiro Ito. Now, I greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with him and I am especially excited to be directly involved in the process of cutting-edge research where I look to tackle real world social problems by applying statistical methods.”