B.S. in Economics and Mathematics, University of Chicago

Faculty Supervisor: Michael Greenstone

Kaixin Wang is a pre-doctoral fellow at EPIC, working for Director Michael Greenstone on environmental economics projects. He graduated from the University of Chicago in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Mathematics . With research interests in microeconometrics and its application in environmental and energy policy, Wang wrote an honors thesis that studied the effect of wildfires on house prices in California.

“In a microeconometrics class I took in my third year of college, I learned how Professor Greenstone and other researchers used a regression discontinuity design to identify the effect of air pollution on life expectancy. I was so impressed by this innovative design that exploits the quasi-experimental variation in PM10 level generated by China’s Huai River policy and I hoped I could get involved in similar projects one day. At EPIC, I have the opportunity to apply econometrics methods I learned to further our understanding of the impact of pollution, climate change, and other pressing environmental issues. I look forward to learning more about the research process in economics and contributing to research at EPIC.”