B.S. in Economics and Mathematics, University of Michigan

Faculty Supervisor: Michael Greenstone

Jared Stolove is a pre-doctoral fellow on EPIC Director Michael Greenstone’s research team. He works on a variety of projects in energy and environmental economics, including the enforcement of pollution regulations, the electrification of rural areas in India, and the social cost of carbon. Aside from his work at EPIC, Stolove has researched behavioral interventions to combat HIV in Mozambique, the distributional consequences of the Affordable Care Act, and the effects of trade liberalization on U.S. and Mexican labor markets. Stolove graduated from the University of Michigan with majors in Economics and Mathematics.

“EPIC stood out to me not only as a place to do cutting-edge research with clear policy impact, but also as a uniquely supportive, collaborative and friendly community. Both the faculty and the other fellows have really impressed me with their openness and willingness to help me grow as a researcher.”