Eshan Prashar, a MS in Computational Analysis and Public Policy student at Harris Public Policy, worked with Dr. Kim Wolske on exploring decision-making of builders in the US around solar panel installation in single-family homes. As an aspiring energy consultant, Eshan focused on exploring types of builders who design customized homes, creating a list of large production builders and figuring out how many solar permits map to each of them in the last 20+ years. Specifically, Eshan focused on making the analysis more efficient and robust. Currently, Eshan is trying to build upon this experience and explore the energy equity space more deeply through part-time work or volunteering. After graduation, Eshan hopes to utilize this experience in energy consulting or for data-driven organisations in the energy space.

“This internship gave me tremendous insights into a vital aspect of energy policy – solar installation in residential buildings. I developed a great foundational understanding of challenges around clean energy economics and equity in residential markets, an understanding I hope to strengthen in the future.”