Robert Mbiake at the University of Douala has begun setting up an extensive PM2.5 network, the first of its kind in Cameroon, across the country’s two largest cities, Douala and Yaoundé. Prof. Mbiake seeks to develop a program that uses the data from the network to convey air pollution information to journalists, students, and municipalities. 

“Without the ability to monitor air quality in real-time, the task of managing and mitigating air pollution levels becomes significantly challenging, if not impossible. A real-time air quality network serves as a critical tool in our efforts to address and combat air pollution. And while we have made a start, we have a long way to go.” – Prof. Robert Mbiake

Country Profile (Cameroon): Opportunity Score 13.0 (High): Annual average PM2.5 levels are more than 6 times the WHO Guideline. There is no public PM2.5 data produced by the government, nor is there a national ambient air quality standard for PM2.5.

Areas of Focus: Air Quality Monitoring
Air Quality Monitoring