by Kristian S. Nielsen, Viktoria Cologna, Jan M. Bauer, Sebastian Berger, Cameron Brick, Thomas Dietz, Ulf J. J. Hahnel, Laura Henn, Florian Lange, Paul C. Stern, & Kimberly S. Wolske

Behavioral science has yielded insights about the actions of individuals, particularly acting as consumers, that affect climate change. Behaviors in other spheres of life remain understudied. In this Perspective, we propose a collaborative research agenda that integrates behavioral science insights across multiple disciplines. To this end, we offer six recommendations for optimizing the quality and impact of research on individual climate behavior. They are united by a shift towards more solutions-focused research that is directly useful to citizens, policymakers, and other change agents. Achieving this vision will require overcoming challenges such as limited funding for behavioral and social sciences and structural barriers within and beyond the academic system that impede collaborations across disciplines.

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Areas of Focus: Climate Change
Climate Change
Climate change is an urgent global challenge. EPIC research is helping to assess its impacts, quantify its costs, and identify an efficient set of policies to reduce emissions and adapt...