Placement: PhD Public Policy, Chicago Harris

Yuqi Song, a PhD student at the Harris School of Public Policy, hopes to bring with her the knowledge she learned from working at EPIC over the past two years. While at EPIC, Song was part of the Climate Impact Lab (CIL), an interdisciplinary, multi-organizational project co-led by Michael Greenstone. For the project, Song focused on calculating the relationship between energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by identifying emissions levels by sector over time. Prior to coming to EPIC, Song earned her MBA from the Booth School of Business, where most of her research centered on policy, particularly in her home country of China. She also worked with Greenstone as an undergraduate student in mathematics and economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Song hopes to one day tackle global challenges through academic research or at an organization such as the International Monetary Fund or World Bank.

“When I came to EPIC, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue pursuing a career in academic research or go work in industry,” Song says. “Working at EPIC helped me see how truly valuable academic research can be if we work to make it part of policy conversations. I’m excited to now continue researching the economics of pollution and climate change, which have such a profound impact on human life.”