Yue (Luna) Jian, currently pursuing her first year in the Master of Science in Computational Analysis and Public Policy (MSCAPP) program at Harris, worked with Assistant Professor Fiona Burlig at Harris on a project that focused on analyzing the treatment effect of randomized control trials on the provision clean water access usage in India. Yue’s fellowship involved developing a robust data cleaning pipeline and conducting regression analysis. This opportunity perfectly blends her interests in experimental economics and clean water issues. Yue’s dedication to behavioral data analytics was pivotal in her approach to understanding how different interventions influence consumer behavior. Her commitment to water-related challenges dates back to her undergraduate years at Wuhan University, where she led the Clean Water Project, an NGO focusing on increasing access to clean water for rural students in China by fostering awareness of proper water drinking practices. Yue is keen on making continued contributions in the field of energy, environment and health after her graduation.


“Working with Professor Fiona Burlig is enlightening and enriching, deepening my understanding of large-scale survey data management and its role in energy policy. Navigating through multiple databases and developing clear data mining pipeline through various survey versions using R is challenging yet rewarding. This experience has provided me with invaluable insights into the effects of different incentive measures and information disclosure on household clean water consumption. Furthermore, I had the valuable opportunity to engage in field experiments, which allowed me to learn about the implementation and analysis of behavioral interventions in real-world settings, contrasting from laboratory environments. This experience has been a crucial part of my academic and professional journey in using technical skills to understand and contribute to environmental and energy policy.”