BA Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences (Northwestern)

Faculty Supervisor: Koichiro Ito

Tianyu Luo is a pre-doctoral fellow at EPIC. He is working with Harris Public Policy Associate Professor Koichiro Ito on the effect of policy and infrastructure change in the Chilean electricity market. He graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences. He became interested in energy in an undergraduate class on environmental economics, where he learned about externality, emission regulation, and the health and economic impact of pollution. While at Northwestern, he also helped with evaluating the outcome of educational and career interventions that targeted parents with low-income and their children.

“EPIC offers me opportunities to work with faculty whose research interests coincide with mine. I look forward to learning the details of doing empirical work and getting to know the staff and RAs at EPIC. I thank them for having helped me get onboard smoothly under these difficult circumstances.”