Medy (Shujie) Xu is currently working as a Forecasting Data Analyst for ICF, a global management consulting company in Oak Brook, IL. She is responsible for creating performance reports for two Energy Efficiency Programs that are initiated by ComEd. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from Beloit College 15’ and a master’s degree in Environmental Science and Public Policy from Harris 19’. While she was at Harris, she was very active in promoting awareness of sustainability among Harris students as the Director of Harris Sustainability Initiative (HSI) and a member of Harris Energy and Environmental Association (HEEA).

“Though I am not planning to be a full-time researcher, having such amazing research experience is very helpful in terms of achieving my career goal of becoming an environmental or sustainability consultant,,” Xu said. “Thinking critically and independently is essential in the consulting field, and the geo-coding skills I learned during the internship will also be very useful in my future career.”