Sariya Stowers is a pre-doctoral fellow working with Michael Greenstone.

The project Sariya is currently on covers a widespread energy policy Renewable Portfolio Standards. The paper estimates how the policy, which regulates the amount of clean energy sources used in a utility’s electricity mix affects retail electricity rates. Sariya graduated from Macalester college with a bachelors in Economics and Political Science. There Sariya undertook two major research projects focusing on the role of renewable energy policy in the U.S. asking questions like: Why do states pass renewable energy policy?  How do those policies affect electricity prices?

“The electricity sector is a fundamental element of the lives of virtually every person in the U.S. Understanding the way it interacts with our climate goals is extremely important.  Being a part of EPIC, I get the opportunity to interact with leaders in the field and others  who share similar interests. I also have the chance to sharpen my research skills and further explore my interests for future endeavors.”