B.A. in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, Queen’s University

M.A. in Economics, University of British Columbia

Faculty Supervisor: Climate Impact Lab

Rebecca Frost is a Research Professional at the Climate Impact Lab at the University of Chicago. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics from Queen’s University and a Master of Arts Degree in Economics from the University of British Columbia. She is interested in how labor forces in fossil fuel-intensive regions respond to climate change policies and the normative reasoning behind efforts to quantify environmental damage. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys biking, gardening, and bird watching.

“I chose to study economics because it offered so many ways of uncovering new information about the world. Climate change is presenting the world with many difficult decisions. Rigorous, ambitious research like the kind that is produced by the Climate Impact Lab (CIL) puts policy makers in a better position to face, and hopefully lessen, the threats presented by a warming world. One of the greatest privileges in life is to work on problems that matter with people you admire. This position at CIL has allowed me to do just that. I am so excited to work on this problem and learn new ways of understanding the world from a group people with such a wide range of skills.”