Born in Hyderabad, India, Ramya has been passionate about environmental conservation and sustainability since childhood. Her passion was ignited when, as a nine-year-old, she witnessed the impacts of an oil spill on local plant and animal life. Her short-term goal after attending Booth is to expand the environment consulting firm she currently runs across the EMEA region. Longer term, Ramya wants to champion the adoption of cleantech globally, helping to reduce carbon emissions while driving innovation. She is specifically interested in the carbon capture and green hydrangea space. 

After several successful years in consulting, Ramya decided to make the entrepreneurial leap by acquiring and turning around an environmental consulting firm in Dubai. As a new CEO, she put her leadership skills to the test immediately, renegotiating with vendors, identifying new revenue streams, and putting internal structures and processes in place at the firm.

In addition to her passion for sustainability, Ramya is an enthusiastic paraglider, scuba diver, and traveler who enjoys baking and glass painting in her free time.