Pedro Liedo Orozco became interested in energy policy when the Mexican government passed a reform on the energy sector in 2013, opening the energy market to private entities. Now, thanks to the Sustainable Energy Scholarship provided by the Mexican Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Research, Liedo Orozco completed his Master’s in Public Policy at the University of Chicago’s Harris School.

Liedo Orozco completed his undergraduate at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México in Mexico City, where he studied Economics. His thesis focused on the effects of tax policy on income distribution. After obtaining his degree, he worked at the Tax Policy Unit for the Mexican Ministry of Finance. The job provided him with exposure to relevant policy issues such as free trade zones and declining oil revenue.

“Approaching these topics strengthened my analytical skills such as forecasting, regression analysis, and policy comparison,” said Liedo Orozco, all important now to his work in energy.

As a 2016-2017 Bartlett fellow at EPIC, he analyzed the connection between energy policies and voter turnout in India. He was excited about the opportunity because it allowed him to merge his interest in public policy and energy.