Paulson is citizen of DR Congo (DRC). He is a PhD Student, pursuing a joint Doctoral Program at: Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (Morocco) and Columbia University. He is the Founder of WASARU (Water and Sanitation in Rural and Urban areas), a local NGO in DRC. Since 2019, Paulson works with Columbia University Team on Air Quality Monitoring with Low-Cost Sensors in DRC. Paulson supports in-country students to collect field data at community level with focus on health effects of air pollution. Paulson was interviewed by the American Geophysical Union for a feature in their EOS magazine based on the conclusions of the pioneering paper. He was the second author on the paper, and also the second on an upcoming paper on source apportionment of PM2.5 in Kinshasa. Based on this work, in-country mobilization and networking, a working group has recently been created in Kinshasa: The Multisectoral Air Quality Monitoring Working Group.

Country Opportunity Score (DRC): 13.2