Max Zahrah, a MA in Public Policy with Certificate in Research Methods student at Harris Public Policy, worked with Prof. Eyal Frank on the development of adaptation strategies that address the compounding effects of climate change. As an aspiring climate policy researcher and advocate, Max contributed to the creation of a comprehensive database encompassing agricultural animal units across the United States during their time as a Bartlett Fellow. This database paves the way for future research focused on unraveling the intricate connections between concentrated animal farming, human well-being, and environmental health. Max plans to apply for interdisciplinary Ph.D. programs and pursue a career in climate policy research and advocacy.

“The Bartlett Fellowship has been instrumental in honing my research capabilities and fostering collaboration with faculty members. Notably, I’ve vastly improved my analytical data skills, allowing me to adeptly dissect complex datasets and extract meaningful insights. Additionally, I’ve gained proficiency in translating real-world policy challenges into research ideas that align with econometric rigor. This experience bridged my academic knowledge with real-world applications, allowing me to translate theoretical concepts from my studies into actionable, econometrically sound research ideas. The fellowship not only reinforced my Harris-acquired skills but also enabled their practical application in a dynamic research environment. The mentorship, interdisciplinary exposure, and hands-on research opportunities have collectively affirmed my passion for contributing meaningfully to shaping effective policy solutions addressing pressing global challenges.”