Mahin Al Nahian and Mithun Dutta are Climate Change and Health Researchers at Initiatives for Climate Change and Health (ICCH) under the Health System and Population Studies Division at International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh.

The Initiatives for Climate Change and Health (ICCH) is a program within the Health System and Population Studies Division at ICDDR,B. Their focus is on assessing the effects of climate change and migration patterns on population health in Bangladesh,  and ways in which populations can adapt to climate change.

A study was conducted to explore the negative health impact of air pollution on pregnancy outcomes in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The study done in collaboration with Maternal and Child Health Training Institute (MCHTI) under Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP) revealed that air pollution levels are alarmingly high in Dhaka, with ‘Unhealthy’ to ‘Extremely Unhealthy’ levels for almost half of the year. An increase in the prevalence of LBW and PTB was found with increasing cumulative air pollution exposure.

Establishing a continuous air quality monitoring network is crucial for advancing research efforts aimed at shaping policies and mitigating air pollution.

Country Profile (Bangladesh): Opportunity Score 8.4 (Medium-High): Annual average PM2.5 levels are more than 14.5 times the WHO guideline. There is no public PM2.5 data produced by the government, but there is a national ambient air quality standard for PM2.5.