Madeleine Augostini, a MA of Public Policy student at Harris Public Policy, worked with Dr. Hajin Kim on exploring the relationship between shareholder expectations and corporations’ prosociality, evaluating the impact of market-based instruments on the moral stigma of pollution, and assessing effects of voluntary corporate efforts on the crowding of government regulation. As an aspiring public policy researcher, Madeleine worked on data sets and visualizations for a project involving the crowding of government regulation in response to corporate voluntary efforts which was later submitted to the American Law and Economics Review. Upon graduating, Madeleine hopes to pursue a role in research, policy analysis, and policy implementation at a think tank, city or local government agency, or government adjacent organization in roles that leverage quantitative research with local initiatives pertaining to energy and infrastructure.

“My internship with EPIC has exposed me to an array of contemporary issues surrounding the energy space. As I am interested in urban and sustainable development, exposure to policy research currently being conducted will be valuable for me to rely on in future roles. Additionally, I hope to continue conducting research and policy analysis. Working with empirical data and different research design methods has strengthened my ability to work with large data sets and statistical packages, which will be transferable to analyzing policy across disciplines. This experience has deepened my understanding of issues surrounding energy policy and research development, which I am eager to carry into future roles. It is with sincere gratitude that I reflect on my summer working with Dr. Kim and EPIC through generosity of the Bartlett Fellowship.”