Kurt Nugent worked with Harris Assistant Professor Eyal Frank on a variety of projects at the intersection of ecology and economics. Projects included calculating the impacts of animal waste from factory farms on nearby residents, examining the shortcomings of the Sustainable Fishers Act of 1996, exploring the effects of the Endangered Species act on property values and evaluating the effect of using high levels of pesticide in a region in Vietnam. Nugent began his master’s in public policy at Harris after graduating from Wake Forest University with a bachelor’s in politics and international affairs. Bilingual in Spanish and English, Nugent spent Fall 2013 in Barcelona, Spain, investigating river systems along the eastern Spanish coastline. He also has spent half a year teaching English in Argentina. Most recently, he was a coordinator for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County in Florida.

“I’m excited to leverage my experience with ecological work to projects that not simply diagnose problems, but are instrumental in crafting solutions to the many challenges we face,” Nugent said. “This fellowship presents the unique opportunity to solidify my quantitative toolkit while still also allowing me to more narrowly define my policy interests going forward.”