Kriti Bhardwaj, who is pursuing a MSESP at Harris Public Policy, worked closely with Tamma Carleton, an EPIC postdoctoral scholar, to conduct quantitative and qualitative research on the impact of climate change on health. Bhardwaj researched various health topics, with a focus on developing countries and conducted geospatial and temporal analysis of impacts of pollution levels and other climatic factors on health.

“This internship has helped me use my quantitative skills in a practical setting. I have learned how to find data-driven solutions to the complex problem of climate change, health and development. My key take-away was to understand the way experts in this field work and how they look at problems to find targeted solutions. Tamma Carleton has been the best mentor one could ask for. She gave me diverse projects, pushed me to hone my quantitative skills and was always there to guide me. I hope to emulate her work ethic in my future.”

Bhardwaj’s favorite part of the fellowship was the opportunity to work on diverse projects, handling both qualitative and quantitative data.

“I have learned so much about the climate change field and the skills I have gained in this internship will be a steppingstone for my future endeavors. Being a Bartlett fellow is a privilege and the opportunities I had to explore different avenues has helped me realize the area of environmental policy I want to focus on.”