Kelsey is co-chair of Booth’s Energy Group and a leader in North American energy markets and transportation. At COP28, she is most excited to hear about the latest advancements in methane abatement, carbon capture and trading, and long-duration energy storage technologies.

Kelsey began her career in the energy sector in 2015, during the most dramatic oil price crash in the 21st century, igniting her curiosity to understand the mechanics of commodity markets and how they are repeatedly surprised by shocks. Her work has since focused on how to inform uncertainty into strategic decision making, especially for large-scale capital projects.

After learning the ropes in business development at Chevron and Enbridge, Kelsey turned to strategy by joining McKinsey & Company’s team of energy experts. She has advised clients across the power, oil & gas, and investment sectors.

Since at Booth, Kelsey has pivoted towards investing, working at climatetech venture capital firm Earth Foundry, energy private equity firm SCF Partners, and the commercialization team at Argonne National Lab.