B.A. Economics with Specialization in Data Science, University of Chicago

Faculty Supervisor: Michael Greenstone

Kei Irizawa is a pre-doctoral fellow at EPIC working for Director Michael Greenstone on energy and environmental economics projects. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics with specialization in Data Science from the University of Chicago in 2020. He wrote an honors thesis that considers the future of monetary policy through a two-country economy model with national currency and global (crypto) currency as imperfect substitutes in providing liquidity services. His research interests are in macroeconomics, microeconometrics, environmental economics, and computational economics.

“There are three reasons why I chose EPIC. First, EPIC has an ideal working environment that brings out the best in us. Second, Dr. Greenstone highly values the capacity development of pre-doctoral fellows. Third, EPIC conducts cutting-edge economic research that addresses the most important global theme: energy and environmental challenges. I hope to further expand my passion for economic research through my valuable experience at EPIC.”