Mr. Kalikesh N. Singh Deo is elected as a Member of Parliament for the second term in the 16th Lok Sabha from 2014 onwards. He spent his initial career working in investment banking and with the energy giant, Enron before being elected to the state legislative assembly.

Mr. Singh is a member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Petroleum & Natural Gas. His developmental focus remains primarily on livelihood and climate change issues. He has actively participated as a speaker on various platforms to address a range of issues. He was a speaker at the UN Peace Conference in Bangkok and UN HIV AIDS conference in Bali and also led a group of parliamentarians to Nepal to meet the new leadership and further bilateral relations.

He has been championing the cause of climate change and low carbon development and is planning low carbon development activities in his constituency. As an immediate first step, he has supported a study to assess the potential of low carbon development and clean energy access in his constituency Bolangir.

He had initiated debate on national clean energy fund. Back in 2012, he had initiated a private member’s bill on climate change. He has been raising questions in the parliament sessions on sustainable development, clean energy and climate change.