B.A. in Mathematics and Economics, Amherst College

M.A. in Statistics, Columbia University

Faculty Supervisor: Amir Jina

Jonah Gilbert is a pre-doctoral fellow at EPIC. He is working with the Climate Impact Lab to combine the social costs of greenhouse gases on different facets of society (agriculture, mortality, etc), taking into account the welfare implications of these climate damages. Jonah received his B.A. in Mathematics and Economics from Amherst College and his M.A. in Statistics from Columbia University.

“Since my time as an undergraduate, I have been drawn to economics as a way of thinking. After graduating from my Master’s program I chose to be a part of EPIC, and specifically the Climate Impact Lab, as a way of joining my interest in economics with my concerns about the unequal impacts of climate change. Now that I have been at EPIC for a few months, I realize that the opportunities to learn and grow have greatly outstripped my expectations. Through seminars and collaborations with my colleagues I can feel my considerable development as an economist and I am excited for where the next year will take me.”