Jeanne Sorin received her BA in Social Sciences at SciencesPo Paris, France, and continued on to receive her MSc in Economics at the university. During her MSc, she spent a semester at the University of Southern California working for Matthew Kahn and Amine Ouazad on a project on Mortgage Finance in the Face of Rising Climate Risk. This experience launched her interest in contributing to research on economic mechanisms that may drive adaptation and resilience to climate change from a microeconomics perspective. In her master’s thesis she investigated the role of local newspapers in channeling flood risk related information and their impact on the housing market. During her PhD at the University of Chicago, she plans to study the interactions between beliefs, location choice and production decisions of households and firms facing increasing climate hazard.

“I am convinced that EPIC offers one of the best research environments to study what leads communities to successfully adapt to increasing climate hazards in both developed and developing countries. As a DRW PhD Fellow at EPIC, I am looking forward to learning from, and collaborating with experts at the Department of Economics, Harris and Booth.”