My name is Hannah Rogers, and I’m a fourth year Economics student at UChicago. My academic journey has been intricately linked with my interest in climate policy and renewable energy technologies. This interest led me to an internship at the British Embassy in Washington, D.C., where I collaborated with the Climate and Energy team. During my internship, I helped strategize for New York Climate Week and COP27, gaining invaluable insights into international climate diplomacy and policymaking. Post-graduation, I will be working as an Energy Policy and Investment Analyst in Washington D.C. 

As a delegate to COP28, I am enthusiastic about the prospect of engaging with industry experts, global leaders, and renowned academics. This opportunity will not only broaden my understanding of the advancements in renewable energy technology and climate finance but also enable me to bring back knowledge and perspectives that can contribute to the discourse on sustainability within our university community. 

“Attending COP28 was an incredible experience that gave me an energized sense of commitment. Connecting with passionate individuals from around the world served as a vital reminder of the urgency of climate change. I am inspired by the multitude of community-driven initiatives and their power to spur greater ambition among world leaders.”