B.S. Mathematics and Economics, University of California, Santa Barbara

Faculty Supervisor: Fiona Burlig

Garrison is a pre-doctoral fellow at EPIC working for Harris Assistant Professor Fiona Burlig and her colleagues on a variety of energy and development economics projects. He earned bachelor’s degrees in economics and mathematics from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2018. While at Santa Barbara, Garrison coauthored The Path to an Economics PhD with Dick Startz and worked on several research teams studying health incentives, gender disparities in hiring, and educational inequality. After graduating, he taught secondary mathematics in an underserved community in his native Sacramento. During this time, he became deeply interested in addressing inequality on a large scale through economic research, especially as it relates to energy and environmental policy.

“I chose EPIC, and Fiona specifically, because I was really interested in working at the intersection of climate and development economics, and because I felt like I would make great friends with the other pre-docs. I majored in Math and Economics at UCSB and taught secondary math in an underserved community after graduating. Right now, I am excited to work with Fiona on projects involving migrant workers in India and COVID-19.”