Fabrice Zapfack of Cote d’Ivoire works for Data354, a tech company that started project ‘AQ54’ with the sole intent of ‘filling air quality data gaps’. They’ve deployed 2 monitors with an aim to expand Abidjan’s sensor network, with 2 in each ‘commune’ and 40 citywide.

In collaboration with municipalities, universities, and environmental organizations, Fabrice aims to achieve the following:

  1. Expansion of the real-time air quality monitoring network
  2. Enhance data processing, predict air quality trends, and pinpoint pollution sources.
  3. Present the data to policymakers including Environment and Health Ministries for evidence-based decision-making and advocate for integrating air quality standards into national environmental regulations.
  4. Enhance the existing website to develop a platform to make the data accessible
  5. Develop a mobile app that is user-friendly, multilingual support, making air quality data accessibility to a broader user base, including those with low digital literacy.

Country Profile (Cote d’Ivoire): Opportunity Score 11.6 (High): Annual average PM2.5 levels are more than 2 times the WHO guideline. There is no public PM2.5 data produced by the government, nor is there a national ambient air quality standard for PM2.5.