Emily Wimberger is a Climate Economist at Rhodium Group working on the Energy & Climate team.

Emily analyzes the economic impact of climate change and policy responses, with an emphasis on the transportation sector. She also provides policy outreach and support to the Climate Impact Lab, focusing on the application of the social cost of carbon.

Prior to Rhodium, Emily served as the Chief Economist for the California Air Resources Board where she analyzed the economic impact of California’s portfolio of climate change and air quality policies and programs with a focus on carbon markets and transportation. Emily has a Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis, and received her Bachelor’s degree from Penn State.

“Effective policy is supported by the best evidence from science and economics,” Wimberger says. “EPIC and the University of Chicago are at the forefront of a rigorous effort to center research insights in public debates on energy and environmental policy. I am excited and honored to be a Visiting Fellow in Policy Practice this academic year and look forward to participating in these important discussions with other experts, faculty, and students.”