Eduardo Souza-Rodrigues is an associate professor of Economics at the University of Toronto since 2013. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Economics at Yale University in 2012. After that, he became a post-doc fellow at the Harvard University Center for the Environment for one year. Eduardo Souza-Rodrigues’ research agenda lies at the intersection of Environmental Economics and Industrial Organization, with an emphasis on Structural Dynamic Models  (i.e., on models in which economic agents are forward looking). His research focuses on problems related to tropical deforestation, especially on the Amazon rainforest, and on the performance of existing and yet-to-be-implemented conservation policies. Evaluating yet-to-be-implemented policies necessarily involves counterfactual analysis based on economic behavioral models. Eduardo’s second research area is dedicated to the questions of when, and under what conditions, counterfactual predictions are identified from the data. Eduardo has published in top academic journals in economics such as The Review of Economic Studies, Quantitative Economics, and Journal of Econometrics.