Breathe2Change was founded by Dr. Rodrigo Gibilisco as a scientific initiative to monitor the air, analyze the data collected and promote the ideation and implementation of policies in 2021.

Pedes in Terra ad Sidera Visus (or Con los pies en la tierra y la mirada en el cielo in Spanish) is a citizen science project funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology in the Government of Argentina, for a duration of two-years (November 2023 to November 2025).

This initiative combines air quality monitoring and astronomical observation, primarily for school students in ten northern Argentinian provinces collaborating closely with astronomical observatories that are often run by enthusiasts or affiliated with universities.

As part of the project, 25 low-cost sensors have been deployed, and there are plans to install a reference-grade monitor in a government facility, with one already in operation at a research university. Beyond data monitoring and analysis, the project aims to instill a love for the environment and foster enthusiasm for science and technology in students. By enhancing the children’s understanding of environmental issues, this project aspires to enable them to engage with their families, to adopt environment friendly practices and create a more informed and responsible community.

In addition to expansion of the current air quality monitoring network Rodrigo envisions to bridge the communication gaps by facilitating stakeholder meetings, hosting workshops, and building capacities within communities.

Country Profile (Argentina): Opportunity Score 10.2 (High): Annual average PM2.5 levels are more than 2 times the WHO Guideline. There is no public PM2.5 data produced by the government, but there is a national ambient air quality standard for PM2.5.