Clean Air One Atmosphere (CAOA) is a non-profit organization founded by Collins Gameli Hodoli in 2017. Their mission is to improve the air quality in Ghana and other African cities by filling in the gaps in air quality data and research, while also focusing on educational and communication initiatives.

CAOA partnered with the STEM Club at Methodist Girls’ High School, Mamfe, to launch their inaugural environmental campaign, ‘Teach The Future, Teach The Teacher’. Led by the STEM Club, this initiative involved the installation of low-cost sensors on the MEGHIS campus. The objective is to empower the leaders of tomorrow with knowledge about current challenges, the accessibility and relevance of technology, and promote sustainable development for Ghana (and Africa) .

CAOA’s focus on areas and groups with resource limitations aims to:
1. Educate communities in Africa about the importance of clean air
2. Undertake comprehensive air quality research initiatives
3. Advocate for policies and guidelines to enhance air quality
4. Facilitate the implementation of clean air policies
5. Act as an intermediary between organizations, fostering air quality programs

Country Profile (Ghana): Opportunity Score 7.6 (Medium): Annual average PM2.5 levels are more than 2.5 times the WHO guideline. There is no public PM2.5 data produced by the government, nor is there a national ambient air quality standard for PM2.5.