Dominic (Nick) Parker is an associate professor of agricultural and applied economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he serves editorial roles for three leading academic journals in environmental and resource economics. His primary research interest is understanding the effects, intended and unintended, of public policies directed towards the environment and natural resources and the role that markets and property rights play in regulating those effects. He also studies the economies of indigenous communities, and how colonial policies affect their development. Parker’s research includes studies of environmental markets, mining in Africa, oil booms and busts, land use, wildlife and fishery regulation, and renewable energy. It appears in journals in economics, science, and law and it has been featured in over 100 media outlets including the Associated Press, BBC News, Wall Street Journal, the Atlantic, and The Economist. Parker is a visiting fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, a senior fellow at the Property and Environment Research Center, and a regular lecturer for the Ronald Coase Institute and the Elinor Ostrom Workshop. He holds a PhD in economics from UC-Santa Barbara where he was a National Science Foundation fellow in environmental economics & science.