Alejandro is an MA student at the Harris School of Public Policy. Before joining graduate school, he worked for three years at the Ministry of Finance of Mexico, overseeing the relationship with international green funds. His experience includes being the lead advisor of the Mexican Co-chairmanship at the Green Climate Fund (GCF) in 2021 and assessing mitigation and adaptation projects for the Mexican territory. 

At Harris, he has supported the research on conservation economics of Professor Eyal Frank. During the summer, he interned at the UNFCCC, analyzing greenhouse gas emissions data and supporting the upcoming multilateral assessment of developed countries. 

Alejandro is interested in the intersection between data analytics, conservation, climate change, and ecosystem preservation.

The most significant insight I took from CO28 is the initiatives non-governmental stakeholders champion in energy transition, climate innovation, and sustainable finance. COP headlines usually revolve around countries’ agreements. However, being private emitters among the largest, more attention should be paid to them and their solutions.”