Apply for course grader and teaching assistant positions at the University of Chicago Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics for Winter Quarter 2021. Submitted applications will be reviewed as the need arises.

Eligibility Requirements

Undergraduate Students: Undergraduates are only hired in course grader positions.To be eligible you must have taken the class at the University of Chicago and received an A- or an A. Unofficial transcript will be verified prior to hiring.

Graduate Students: Must have taken a similar or closely related course at a similar technical level and done well. You must be available during the course’s scheduled discussion time for course assistant or teaching assistant positions.

International Students: Continuing International students with F-1 or J-1 visas may be eligible for positions even if they are not located in the USA. Please confirm with Student Employment ( that you are eligible.

Position Descriptions

The distribution of hours worked throughout the quarter may vary greatly from week to week and is subject to the instructor’s course design. Hours and pay are not negotiable.

The instructor may allocate any or all of the following tasks to course graders:
•Collecting, grading, and promptly returning to the or instructor all homework assignments, leaving sufficient feedback to help students learn course material under the guidance of economics TAs and instructors.
•Graduate graders may grade exams and essay questions. Undergraduate course graders may not grade any exams, essays, or any assignment questions that would otherwise be graded subjectively.
•Keeping an accurate and confidential record of students’ grades and submits these grades to the TA and instructor at the end of each quarter.
•Attending the weekly discussion session for the assigned course.
•Hold informal “office hours” for students in the course at some on-campus location.
•Meeting regularly with the TA or instructor to discuss issues in the course, such as difficulties the students are having with the homework problems, or with understanding concepts.

Average time commitment is 5 hours/week, but that will vary greatly through the quarter. Pay is $1,500 for the quarter. If applicable, economics graduate students receive 0.5 GAI credits.

Teaching Assistant
In addition to all the tasks listed above for graders, instructor may also allocate any or all of the following tasks to teaching assistants:
•Collecting, grading, and proctoring exams
•Assist in writing homework and exams.
•Design and run a one-hour discussion each week under the guidance of the instructor.
•Hold two additional office hours each week at an on-campus location.
•Respond to email queries from students or the instructor regularly and promptly
•Assist in identifying potential undergraduates for grader positions.

Average time commitment is 11 hours/week, but that will vary greatly through the quarter. Pay is $3,000 for the quarter. If applicable, economics graduate students receive 1.0 GAI credits.

Application Format

For each course you apply to you must submit ONE cumulative pdf containing the following items in order:
1) A brief (3-5 sentences) cover letter unique to each class you are applying to that describes how your past coursework qualifies you for the position associated with that class. Include one/two sentences if the faculty member has already expressed interest in hiring you, or if you have previously been hired by a member of the Economics department (include who, when, and which class).

2) A resume, preferably formatted according to the template provided by the career services:

3) An unofficial transcript for both University of Chicago coursework and courses taken elsewhere (if relevant).

4) Any teaching evaluations you may have, if applicable.

The pdf file should be saved with the file name formatted according to R_P_LastnameFirstnameMMDD.pdf, where:

“R” is replaced with your student rank: “U” if you are an undergraduate for the hired quarter, “M” for an MA student, “P” for a PhD student, and “E” for any other status.

“P” is replaced with the position you are interested in for the course: “T” for TA and “G” for the grader position. If you are available for multiple positions, enter all relevant (for example “TG”).

LastName and FirstName are your Last Name and First Name. MMDD is the two digit month and the two digit day in which you are applying. For example, June 25 is 0625.