EPIC Fellowships offer the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the research process through positions with EPIC faculty mentors or to gather “real-world” insights through external summer internships.

While research will be the focus of the fellowship, students may also gain experience with grant and proposal writing, communications, and program coordination on an as-needed basis within the Institute. Fellows are invited to participate in seminars and weekly workshops and to attend EPIC-sponsored conferences and events for which they may be asked to draft summary reports.

About the Fellowship:

Hello! I’d like help working on topics related to ESG (specifically corporate sustainability report NLP analysis and follow-up regression analyses), market-based regulations (experiments), and debt-for-nature swaps (a qualitative project evaluating institutional design and with significant interviews).


Tasks will become more specific as we near the summer, but potential items include:

  • literature searches and reviews to create or supplement annotated bibliographies/literature reviews;
  • empirical analyses in R (including, for example, plot formatting, regression specification, and so forth);
  • data cleaning and coding (in Excel or R);
  • web scraping.

We’ll mostly work one project at a time, so it won’t be all of these topics every week, and it’s OK if you aren’t familiar with every single one of the items in this list.


  • Proficiency in R