Program Overview: 

The US Programworks to accelerate the US transition to a climate-aligned future. The US Program collaboratively developsRMI’s overall US strategyby establishing clear priorities while working to integrate, elevate, andfill gaps among US-focused work across RMI’s programs. The US Program works with government, industry, and civil society across all economic sectors to accelerate US decarbonization.

The US Program’s federal policy team works with policymakers in the executive and legislative branches to inform, develop, and implement federal clean energy and climate policies. The Manager will lead a team of 2-3 Associates and Senior Associates to develop targeted analysis, distil insights from other RMI programs, liaise with external partners, develop public communications, and lead engagement with federal policymakers on policies and measures to accelerate the pace of industrial decarbonization in the United States.

Currently, our federal heavy industry team has a strong focus on supporting the successful implementation of the US regional clean hydrogen hubs program and other policies advancing clean hydrogen. As such, experience working on clean hydrogen as a tool for industrial decarbonization is warmly welcomed. Our team also covers a range of other industrial decarbonization topics.

Position Overview:

Our Managers are creative project leaders who guide and manage team members to craft visionary yet practical solutions for our industry partners and research. As a manager at RMI, you will be a primary project manager, and work closely with and under the direction of RMI’s Principals and Managing Directors to design and execute projects. An RMI Manager:

  • Is sometimes an individual contributor but is most often responsible for managing and guiding more junior staff, particularly Associates and sometimes Sr. Associates.
  • Has responsibility for managing projects and/or significant portions of initiatives.
  • Works with Principals and Managing Directors to provide mentorship, professional development, and project reviews of more junior staff.
  • Contributes to strategy-level conversations about initiatives and RMI.
  • Has developed expertise in one area and is conversant in one or more additional areas.
  • Represents RMI externally at mid-level technical events and small to mid-sized groups. Is beginning to participate in business development and sometimes has a significant role in that area.

Core Responsibilities:

Engage with federal policymakers to support the development and implementation of policies that accelerate industrial decarbonization.

  • Leverage RMI’s capabilities and expertise to provide technical assistance, facilitation services and other support to inform and accelerate effective policymaking by federal policymakers.
  • Work with staff at federal agencies (e.g., Department of Energy) to provide advice on high-level government strategies (e.g., National Hydrogen Strategy, supply chain strategies, multilateral strategy for COP27) and implementation of major federal programs (e.g., hydrogen hubs).
  • Work with federal lawmakers and their staff to inform the development of (and build support for) new legislation to accelerate industrial decarbonization, with a particular emphasis on supporting policies and measures that advance clean hydrogen.
  • Work with NGOs and other partners to support action on shared priorities.

Managing projects to yield breakthrough insights and results

  • With senior guidance, shape project strategies from inception to conclusion: determine change models, research methods, timelines, resource plans, communications plans, and stakeholder engagement.
  • Determine how results will be measured and be accountable for project results, rigorously challenging and validating findings from RMI teams and partners.
  • Act as the lead relationship manager with project partners and stakeholders.
  • Coach and motivate project team members and resolve any issues throughout project life cycle, including writing project-level reviews for junior staff.
  • Manage 2-3 direct reports.
  • Oversee projects with typically 5 to 20 participants (internal and external).
  • Contribute to external interviews, videos, and publications to share project insights.
  • Work together with our development team to develop funding strategies.

Provides thought leadership

  • Develop strategies for achieving meaningful progress on industry decarbonization through U.S. federal policy.
  • Lead and contribute to research efforts and publications.
  • Represent RMI as an industry expert at key conferences and other public speaking events.
  • Proactively identify and pursue opportunities to collaborate across RMI to drive impact (e.g., with state policy team, or sector teams: Climate-Aligned Industry, Carbon Free Electricity, Carbon Free Buildings, etc).

Required Qualifications:

  • At least 8 years of work experience — with at least 2 years of experience in public policy (preferably focused on heavy industry), or policy-related work in a heavy industry sector or a Master’s degree in a relevant field and at least 5 years of work experience, with at least 1 year of policy work in, or focused on, heavy industry.
  • Excellent people management skills.
  • Excellent time management, organization, entrepreneurship, and drive. Ability to navigate complex relationships across multiple organizations and interests.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience working in or with heavy industry sectors (e.g., steel and metals, cement, oil and gas, maritime shipping, aviation, heavy duty trucking), especially on industrial decarbonization strategies.
  • Experience working with policymakers, public officials, and staff, especially in US federal government. Experience with state or city governments also welcome.
  • Experience working on the topic of clean hydrogen.
  • Experience working in clean energy and emissions reduction.
  • Experience working among diverse groups with varying perspectives and/or facilitating challenging conversations.
  • Experience working with frontline communities and/or on environmental justice issues.
  • High level of comfort performing basic analysis on energy use, emissions reduction potential, levelized costs, etc., including converting between different units of energy.
  • Understanding of basic financial analysis and metrics.
  • Ability to design, create and run Excel-based models.
  • Prior experience in consulting, project management, or other related fields.
  • Ability to create clear, structured strategies and problem-solving frameworks.