EDF offers internships and fellowships for students and recent graduates in a variety of programs and departments throughout the organization. The ultimate goal of our internship and fellowship program is to provide high-quality experiences (including relevant projects and opportunities for networking) that form the foundation for any individual who is serious about pursuing an environmental career.

Program/Department Overview

The intern will sit in the Climate Program, specifically the U.S. Climate Policy and Analysis team. This team conducts research and policy analysis to inform EDF’s efforts to advance ambitious, science-based, and durable federal action on climate change.

Overall Function

The intern’s main project will be to produce an internal memo that summarizes the case for a federal investment institution; synthesizes these various proposals; compares their functions, including the environmental, financial, and social (e.g., racial equity, job quality) criteria they use to make investments; and catalogues key stakeholder positions (i.e., groups opposed or in support). This work will inform EDF policy development and advocacy around federal green investment.

Key Responsibilities

Tasks will include but are not limited to:

  • Research the justification and precedent for national investment authorities, and produce an internal memo on a federal green investment institution for clean energy, infrastructure, and manufacturing to inform EDF advocacy.
  • Monitor and synthesize recent proposals for a federal green investment institution (NIA, CEDA, National Climate Bank, etc.) and the interests and positions of key stakeholder groups.
  • Attend events to stay on top of the latest in climate and energy analysis.
  • Beyond the core project, as time permits, the intern may be asked to attend and take notes at events and to produce research to contribute to other, ongoing areas of analysis. These activities and deliverables will be chosen with the goal of promoting the intern’s professional development and providing them with exposure to a broad range of team functions and policy issues.


  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Must be well organized, motivated, and detail-oriented.
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize and meet deadlines.
  • Ability to work in a team setting and have the ability to work independently when projects are due.
  • Demonstrated initiative and problem solving skills.
  • Strong research skills and demonstrated ability to synthesize information from multiple sources.
  • Demonstrated interest in climate action, environmental policy, clean energy, and/or environmental justice.
  • Appreciation for and interest in diverse viewpoints on environmental issues.
  • Current enrollment in a academic program with environmental policy or environmental science focus is a plus.