The Climate Impact Lab seeks a curious, personable, and organized individual to play a project management role in a part-time capacity through the academic year ’20-‘21. This unique role offers an unprecedented opportunity to be at the center of a multi-disciplinary team doing cutting-edge, policy-centric research. The Climate Impact Lab is a unique collaboration of more than 30 climate scientists, economists,computational experts, researchers, analysts, and students building the world’s most comprehensive body of research quantifying the impacts of climate change sector-by-sector, community-by-community around the globe. This research will allow decision-makers in the public and private sectors to understand the risks climate change presents and mitigate those risks through smarter investments and public policy.

The project manager would interact with researchers from some of the nation’s leading research institutions, including the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago, Rhodium Group, Rutgers University, and the University of California, Berkeley. For someone with an interest in the teamwork and coordination required of collaborative research production at the intersection of climate science, economics, and environmental policy, few roles offer as intimate and hands-on an experience.

The research will also produce the world’s first empirically-derived estimate of the social cost of carbon — the cost to society from each ton of carbon dioxide emitted. This figure can serve as the basis for energy and climate policies. The Lab’s researchers combine historical socioeconomic and climate data, allowing the team to discover how a changing climate has impacted humanity—from the ways in which extended droughts have affected agricultural productivity in California to the ways in which heat waves have impacted mortality in India and labor productivity in China. Understanding these relationships allows the Lab to produce evidence-based insights about the real-world impacts of future climate change using projections of temperature, precipitation, humidity, and sea-level changes around the world at a subnational scale—from U.S. counties to Chinese provinces.

Core responsibilities and role description:

  • Focus on integrating sectors and managing timeline to hit key project deadlines.
  • Coordinate and support sector leads, organizing meetings and collaborations to share innovations and pro-actively address sector challenges.
  • Develop and maintain a project timeline towards key goals.
  • Ensure research discussions result in clear action plans: consensus on priorities, options to explore, next decision point, etc.
  • Assess and track shared resources to enrich team’s understanding of tradeoffs and maintain active insight on resource constraints.
  • Convene necessary staff to devise solutions to anticipated integration challenges.
  • Attend Director calls to receive direction, communicate progress, and assist in cross-team communication and coordination as needed.
  • Pitch in with coding and analysis as needed.
  • Overall, supply a sense of timing and coordination to manage and accelerate progress given the complex interdependencies of the effort, and to do so with a ‘happy warrior’ human touch.

To be considered for this role, please email an up-to-date CV/resume and a brief description of your experience to Asst. Prof. Amir Jina at with“CIL project management position” in the subject line. You can also email if you have any questions about the role. For more information about the Climate Impact Lab in general, please visit