The Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago (EPIC) is seeking an experienced data and policy professional to join its team as a Senior Policy Analyst responsible for the Air Quality Life Index, or AQLI. The AQLI is an award-winning, web-based tool based on frontier research by EPIC’s director, Michael Greenstone, which quantified the causal relationship between long-term exposure to air pollution and reduced life expectancy. AQLI combines this research with satellite-derived air-pollution data for the entire world to provide novel insights on both pollution and health. Through AQLI’s intuitive platform, users in communities around the world can learn not only how dirty the air they breathe is, but also how it will translate into the metric that matters most: its impact on their life expectancy. AQLI’s web platform has been produced in English, Mandarin, and Hindi, and has served as the foundation for influential analytical reports examining air quality and health trends in nearly a dozen countries around the world in a half-dozen languages. It has been widely covered in the U.S., international, and country-specific media. The Senior Policy Analyst will play a pivotal role in managing the ongoing development of the AQLI web platform as well as using the tool to produce insights for global policymakers through creative data analysis and reports.

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