By Maggie Loughran

Argonne National Laboratories has partnered with the University and the City of Chicago to create a network of 500 sensors throughout the city to collect data on air quality, noise, and weather.

The project, called The Array of Things, fuses the concept of The Internet of Things, which is the network of computing capabilities among physical objects, with array telescopes, or instruments for high resolution.

Charlie Catlett, the project leader and a senior computer scientist at Argonne, explained that the data collected by the sensors will be used in various ways. Researchers can use it to determine things like how weather might impact rates of violent crime and which routes are healthiest for walking through the city.

“All of the data will be immediately published and free and open to anyone interested in using it,” Catlett said. The City of Chicago has an open data portal where the information will be made available and updated multiple times per minute. The data will constitute a platform for open research among educators and academics…

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