At EPIC, we’re committed to fostering and supporting groundbreaking research on the world’s toughest energy and climate challenges. But we also recognize the need for policymakers, influencers and the public to have a direct connection to our research findings and latest thinking on the issues of the day.

So last month, EPIC secured a new partnership with, where you can now access the latest energy insights from our faculty, post-docs and staff. You can find our first several posts below. I hope you will take the time to explore them, and please engage by visiting our EPIC page on Forbes and sending us comments. Also follow us on Twitter where we’ll be sure to promote our Forbes posts.

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Recent Posts:

The Clean Power Plan ‘Stay’ Could Slow Clean Energy Progress 

Uncertainty about whether the Clean Power Plan will be enforced could slow the pace of clean energy progress in the U.S.
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Five Years After Fukushima, Japan Launches Massive Electric Sector Deregulation 

Fukushima sparked long-lasting challenges for Japan, but also opportunity as Japan begins to deregulate its electricity market.

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Low Gas Prices Expose Flaw In U.S. Fuel Economy Standards, As Gains Fall Short Of Expectations 

Plunging fuel prices have undermined the effectiveness of the federal government’s signature policy for regulating vehicle efficiency: fuel economy standards.


The Disruption In Oil Markets Is Just Beginning

Two mega-trends are gaining steam that together have the potential to truly upend the energy industry.

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