By Ankit Kumar

One of the first indicators of decline in economic activities of a country facing decline is the relative decline in its electricity consumption. The restrictions imposed by governments across the world is showing its effect on electricity consumption worldwide.

India has witnessed more percentage decline in electricity consumption during Covid-19 lockdown than USA and countries of the European Union. According to data analysed by a team of researchers at the Energy Policy Institute at University of Chicago (EPIC), India witnessed a maximum of nearly 25% (24.9% to be precise) decline in electricity consumption in the last week of March during the nationwide lockdown.

The data has been compared for the time period between January and April during which restrictions were imposed by various countries. The respective maximum decline during this period with respect to the consumption data from December 2019 for China stood at 14.87%, for the US at 6.9% and for the European Union at 9.47%.

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