New Delhi: India’s air pollution policies are more successful than the water pollution ones because of the country’s Supreme Court’s effective intervention to address matters polluting the atmosphere, according to a new study.

The study, published in the October issue of the American Economic Review, says that high levels of citizen engagement persuaded India’s Supreme Court to become active in the implementation and enforcement of the air regulations…

“Effective environmental regulations in India are vital for the hundreds of millions of Indians who are seeing their life expectancy cut short due to high air pollution. And if India chooses to regulate greenhouse gases, it will be important for the world as India increasingly becomes a major emitter of greenhouse gases,” says University of Chicago economist Michael Greenstone, an author of the study and the director of the Energy Policy Institute at Chicago (EPIC).

“We find that when it comes to enforcing its strong environmental regulations, India has a mixed track record,” Greenstone says.

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Air Pollution
Air Pollution
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