By Ruojing Liu

Five experts shared concerns and optimism last Monday after the international community’s new landmark COP21 climate change agreement reached in Paris last December.

A panel session held by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs Feb. 1 included experts from the political, economic, business and media fields to discuss the future impact of the new COP21 goal – to keep global warming below the 2-degree Celsius threshold.

The agreement, put together at the United Nation’s 21st Conference of Parties, or COP21, in Paris last fall limits the increase in global average temperatures to 2 degrees Celsius, or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, compared to the level before the Industrial Revolution, a threshold considered by many scientists as critical to keep the planet habitable for humans. The plan was regarded as a milestone in the international effort to battle global warming, and the goal an ambitious one…

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Areas of Focus: Climate Change
Climate Change
Climate change is an urgent global challenge. EPIC research is helping to assess its impacts, quantify its costs, and identify an efficient set of policies to reduce emissions and adapt...
Climate Law & Policy
Climate Law & Policy
As countries around the world implement policies to confront climate change, EPIC research is calculating which policies will have the most impact for the least cost.